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Explore our transparent pricing plans tailored to suit your needs. Find the perfect option for you today!




Net 30 terms

200 game credits at a rate of $25 per game credit** with no time limit on usage.

1 game credit per Virtual Announcer game.

Regional Mic'dUp Announcer for all voice recordings.

Special Founder Pricing with 1200 game credit price lock.*

24/7 Support.

Staff Training.

Touch screen Monitor.

3 Virtual Announcer licenses with DJ Mic'd.

A detailed script professionally wrote for every selected game.




Net 30 terms

100 game credits of choosing with no time limit for use.

Discounted pricing for the first 100 games. ($30 per game credit**)

1 game credit for all Virtual Announcer games.

Customer Support M-F 9am - 7pm EST.

Special future pricing with 500 game credit price lock.*

Virtual Announcer License with DJ Mic'd.

Microsoft OS Device with Virtual Announcer.

Touch screen Monitor.




Annually / Net 15 terms

DJ Micd GameDay Radio Only.

Virtual Announcer Program License.

Weekly DJ Mix with 50 Top Songs, SFX.

Sponsorship Reads.

School Historical Radio Commercials.

Customer Support M-F 9am - 7pm EST.

Virtual Announcer Games additional cost of $75 per game.

Microsoft OS Device.

Additional Devices can be added for $500 each.

*limited availability, prices fluctuate by region. / **standard pricing is $50 per game credit.

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