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Cutting-edge Music Experience for Gameday events.

Gameday Radio

A Game-ChangingMusic Experience

Introducing DJ Mic'd: Gameday Radio from Mic'd Up; a game-changing service designed exclusively for high school athletic directors seeking a cutting- edge music experience for their gameday events.

Our revolutionary approach begins with a dedicatedMusic Compliance Department, which meticulously and passionately curates playlists free from any content related to religion, drugs, sex, or profanity. This unwavering commitment to clean and energetic music empowers us to collaborate with the most promising up-and-coming DJs from social platforms, ensuring a weekly audio experience that rivals the excitement of a collegiate or professional gameday.

Ultimate GamedayAmbiance

By harnessing the power of social media , DJ Mic'd bridges the gap between athletic directors, the student body, and student athletes. This innovative connection fosters an electrifying atmosphere that perfectly complements the intensity of high schoolsports events. With DJ Mic'd, athletic directors can finally say goodbye to the concerns and hassles of music selection, knowing they have a dependable partner for creating the ultimate gameday ambiance that motivates both athletes and spectators alike.

Elevate your school's gameday experience

Embrace a new era of excitement, energy, and professionalism.

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